Welcome to Jermuk!

Jermuk is one of the most famous health resorts in Armenia. It is situated in the North-Eastern part of Vayots Dzor Marz, about 2050 meters above sea level, at the upper reaches of the Arpa River. Flowing through the town, the latter divided it into two parts. The resort is surrounded with picturesque mountain ranges covered with thick forests.

Jermuk is known for its mild climate. The summers are not so hot here, while the winters are windless and full of snow. The air temperature does not exceed +32C, and reaches as low as -35C in winter.

Jermuk is rich with unique fresh and mineral water springs. Among them noteworthy are the warm mineral springs, which due to their physical and chemical characteristics, rank on a par with similar springs in Karlovy Vary and Zheleznovodsk. This underground geyser water is used both for drinking and for baths. It is useful for the treatment of various diseases, including gastrointestinal, nephritic and neurological disorders.

Altogether these factors make your rest in Jermuk enjoyable and good for your health at the same time.



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